An ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Standard - NABL Accreditation Certified Laboratory.


Understand the basic principles of the radiographic inspection procedure, understand the r adiographic film processing, procedures, recognize limitations in exposure quality and understand potential causes of processing artifacts

Assess radiographic quality and understand viewing condition requirements;

Interpret radiographic codes

and specifications and write reports based on code requirements;

Understand origins of defects and locate and recognize radiographic images of defects with a high probability of detection

  • Review of the Radiograp hic Variables Related To Film Interpretation
  • Film
  • Radiographic Viewing
  • Radiographic Image Quality
  • Exposure Techniques
  • Discontinuities
  • Radiographic artifacts
  • Codes, Procedures, and Written Practices
  • Radiographic Report Forms

Level II Practical Training

Calibrating and using densitometers, evaluating radiographs related to casting and welds