An ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Standard - NABL Accreditation Certified Laboratory.

LIquid Penetant Testing

Training & Certification Course in NDT

The PT course is presented in a manner t hat promotes understanding and the ability to make immediate application. This is an excellent course for NDT trainees who wants to have Level I and II training in order to qualify for certification as well as facility personnel who are responsible for or oversee the application of Liquid Penetrant Testing

Level I course outline

  • 1. Basics of Penetrant testing,
  • Penetrant groups,
  • Pre-cleaning methods,
  • Penetrant testing methods and techniques,
  • Types of developers,
  • Inspection procedures,
  • Sensitivity & resolution checking of test systems
  • Types of discontinuities

Level II course outline

Review of Level-I Course

  • Selection of techniques,
  • Manufacturing processes and discontinuities,
  • Interpretation of indications,
  • Preservation of indications,
  • Evaluation of test materials.
  • Penetrant materials quality control
  • Codes, standards and procedures