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Radiographic Testing

Training & Certification Course in NDT

We are providing Level I and Level II Training and Certification as per Recommended Practice SNT - TC-1A 2006 in the following NDT Method

RT involves the use of penetrating gamma- or X-radiation to examine materials and product's defects and internal features. An X-ray machine or radioactive isotope is used as a source of radiation. Radiation is directed through a part and onto film or other media. The resulting shadowgraph shows the internal features and soundness of the part. Material thickness and density changes are indicated as lighter or darker areas on the film. The darker areas in the radiograph below represent internal voids in the component. RT is a common method to be used in general metal fabrication and construction. However, there are some limitations of the methods:

  • Extensive safety requirements when the technique relates to radiation exposure.
  • Difficult application to different shapes of testing objects.
  • Long and complicated process required from starting to the end of the work.

Level I course outline

  • Nuclear Physics-Interaction of Radiation with Matter.
  • Shielding, Radiation Detectors, Biological Effects
  • Radiation Protection, Basic Rules & Techniques
  • Sources of Radiation and their characteristics
  • Film Radiography
  • Film Processing
  • Inspection Techniques and Procedures
  • Sensitivity & Definition, I.Q.I”s, Other Accessories
  • Types of Discontinuities.

RT Level 1 Practical Training

Radiography of Castings and welds using X-ray and Gamma ray

Level II course outline

Review of Level-I

  • Non-conventional Radiography
  • Techniques in radiography
  • Codes, standards and Procedures
  • Acceptance Standards
  • Manufacturing processes and discontinuities
  • Interpretation of Radiographs

RT Level 2 Practical Training

Same as level-I + Interpretation, evaluation of Radiographs, recording of test results and preparation of test reports