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Visual Testing

Training & Certification Course in NDT

We are providing Level I and Level II Training and Certification as per Recommended Practice SNT - TC-1A 2006 in the following NDT Method

Visual Examination is generally used to determine such things as the surface condition of the part, reinforcement and undercutting of welds, alignment of mating surfaces, shape or evidence of leaking. Methods employed may be either:

  • Identifying various weld discontinuities.
  • Understanding the relevant welding technology related to visual inspection.
  • Understanding the need for documentation in welding.
  • Familiarity with codes and standards related to inspection requirements.
  • Carrying out inspection of parent materials and consumables.

Course outline

  • Fundamentals of light and lighting.
  • Physiology of vision.
  • Fundamentals of Imaging.
  • Visual Weld testing practices.
  • Effect of fatigue.
  • Fiber optic Bore scopes.
  • Documentation of visual testing.
  • Analysis of visual testing