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Magnitic Partical Testing

Training & Certification Course in NDT

We are providing Level I and Level II Training and Certification as per Recommended Practice SNT - TC-1A 2006 in the following NDT Method

Surface and near-surface flaws produce magnetic poles or distort the magnetic field in such a way that the iron particles are attracted and concentrated. This produces a visible indication of defect on the surface of the material. Therefore, the method is most applicable for detecting the surface or sub-surface defects.MT can be applied in various types depending on the applications required. It could be wet, powder or fluorescent.

Level I course outline

  • Basic of Magnetism
  • Magnetization Techniques
  • Inspection Mediums
  • Inspection Techniques
  • Indication Classification
  • Test Equipments and Accessories.
  • Demagnetizatio
  • Types of Discontinuities

UT Level 1 Practical Trainingg

Complete calibration of ultrasonic flaw detection equipment for various types of transducers, Discontinuity Detection Locating the flaw and Size Estimation Techniques

Level II course outline

  • Selection of Techniques
  • Codes, standards and Procedures.
  • Acceptance Standards
  • Manufacturing Process and Discontinuities
  • Interpretation of Indications
  • Preservation of Indication
  • Evaluation of Test Equipment

MT Level 2 Practical Training

Same as Level-I + Interpretation, evaluation and recording of test results